Paras Khadka
Captain, Nepalese Cricket Team
My association with Agni Group goes long back 2006-7 as a brand ambassador in which we share a very healthy relationship as everyone maintained the professional and personal balance.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada
Former Miss Nepal (2018)/ Brand Ambassador, Agni Group
I am very pleased and thankful to Agni group for providing me an opportunity to be associated with the company as Brand Ambassador. I have been working against pollution and for the betterment of the environment. This is also the reason why I dreamt about owing my own electric vehicle learning about its benefit to environment.
I was extremely delighted when I was appointed for a company who even delivers the vehicles that I dreamt of. While connecting with the company I found its mission, vision, value and culture very relevant and working in friendly environment have energized me more to promotes its products. Honestly speaking, I found Mahindra Electric car “e2o” very cozy, reliable and worthy to have one.

Hari Bansha Acharya
I have been driving Scorpio since last four years and I personally like the behavior and the prompt service Agni group provide since its difficult for me to manage time from my busy schedule.

Sabitra Bhandari
Striker, Nepal’s Women National Football Team/APF Football Club
Being known as Goal Machine of Nepal Women’s National football Team there lies enormous support and love from people. In Additional Agni group Sponsorship to APF football team has added more enthusiasm and brace in my career.

Dr. Sudha Basnet
MD.PhD, Professor(TU, Department of pediatrics)
My relationship with Agni group has always been good since Agni group maintain special relationship with all its customer. I own Mahindra Reva electric vehicle since the time of its launching and I am very satisfied with its performance and service.

Kunda Dixit
Editor/Publisher, Himal Media
I was one of the first customer of Mahindra Reva and It’s a very good initiation from Agni group to promote electric vehicles as there are many benefits in using electric vehicles especially to the environment. In fact, I feel Agni group should focus more on electric vehicles as we all have responsibilities to go green and save mother earth.

Padam Gurung
Director-Business Development, Kalika Construction
Kalika Construction own more than 26 units of Mahindra Vehicles and I feel Agni group provide the best service to the customers an d I wish that Agni group would success more minimizing the cost of vehicles so than we can dive more Mahindra vehicles.

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